Niccolò Belvedere

Hello, I am Niccolò Belvedere. Welcome to my personal portfolio.


About Me

In 2019, after years living in my home country, Maratea, I moved to Milan to pursue my studies in Business Administration and Management at Bocconi University. In the following years I took part in several projects, which can be consulted in the Projects area of this portfolio, until I spent an exchange semester in Ottawa (Canada) during my third year of Bachelor, at the Telfer School of Management. Subsequently, in 2022 I started my Master of Science in Management, which led me to an internship at Amazon Business from June 2023 to December 2023 in the area of Business Development and Account Management.

From early on I developed a passion for tech and innovation: during my third year of high school science (2017) I took part in a school work experience on how to develop a startup from 0, creating a prototype and a business model. In 2022, a colleague and I won a "Call4Ideas", drafting an idea about a platform to improve the supply chain of NGOs and presenting the project in front of a jury at the SDA School of Management. Afterwards, I am taking courses and doing self-taught practices to learn coding with various languages. I strongly believe that this new technological era will change the course of our lives, and I want to be part of this change.


Master's thesis (Work in Progress): How financials and macroeconomics factors affect the volatility of personnel in Big Tech companies

Bachelor's thesis (2022): "The key role of People in Public Administration: How Civil Service Models affect the quality of a nation"

Big Data for Business Decisions (2023): "Monetary Words, Market Echoes" - (co-authored)

Performance Measurement & Corporate Strategy (2023): How to innovate Microsoft's Corporate Strategy - (co-authored)

Asset Management (2023): ESG Multi-Asset Fund E2 – EUR analysis - (co-authored)

Financial Management & Corporate Banking (2023): Financial Analysis of IVECO Group - (co-authored)

Business Law (Advanced) (2023): "Should Cash-Out mergers be available?" - (co-authored)

Performance Measurement (2022): Toyota Analysis - (co-authored)

Decathlon In-Company Training (2022): "Decathlon ad impatto zero" - (co-authored)

Call 4 Ideas "Supporting Innovation at Pane Quotidiano" (2022): "Re-thinking Operations" - (co-authored)

Competitive Intelligence (2022): "Impact of Volkswagen's Trinity Project on Tesla" - (co-authored)

Public Administration Management (2021): The allocation of PNRR funds for the National Health Service - (co-authored)

Business Administration (2019): Telecom Italia S.p.A. analysis - (co-authored)


Boston Consulting Group – Strategy Consulting Virtual Experience Program on Forage
(February 2023)

Conducted market research, brainstorming session and adopting solutions with creative methods.

Competitive Intelligence Certificate on Voice of the Business
(April 2022)

Research Gathering Methods, CXM, building of KPIs, competitor analysis.

Bitcoin and Blockchain Fundamentals
(March 2021)

ECDL & ICDL Full Standard (Use of Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Data Privacy)
(June 2020)

The certification consists of 7 topics that are divided into the following modules: Computer Essentials, Online Essentials, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, IT-Security & Cyber Security, Presentation, Online Collaboration.

Document Management with Office and Acrobat Professional
(December 2019)

Languages and Skills

Italian (Native)
English (Full proficient)
French (B1 Business)

IT Skills
Excellent knowledge of Windows and Microsoft Office
Working with Macro & VBA Code on Excel
Excellent in Salesforce
Website management and SEO skills
Intermediate coding skills on R, Natural Languange Processing, JavaScript and C#

Trips Gallery

Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan

14th February 2024

Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji, Japan

10th Febraury 2024

Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji, Japan

10th Febraury 2024

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

2nd Febraury 2024

Maratea, Italy

Maratea, Italy

15th August 2023

New York, US

New York, US

23th Febraury 2022

New York, US

New York, US

22th Febraury 2022




Milan, Italy


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